Chalet in Kitzbuhel, Austria

Function: Residence, ground floor+1st level
Location: Aurach bei Kitzbuhel, Im Kochauweg, Austria
Built area: 640 square meters
Year: 2014
Almost 400 years old, the house-farm, typical for this mountain area, was changed into a chalet integrated in the architectural context of the area. The project aimed to convert the farm into a living area, to consolidate the building completely, to redesign or replace the deteriorated pieces and to reintegrate the old wood into the supporting structure and into the interior of the house as decorations. With this in view, the old stables of the house were turned into a SPA, while the hayloft above was turned into a living room.
Being situated in an area with preserved architecture, the constraints regarding volume and function made it necessary to use details which can be accepted only in the context of these houses. In this situation, although it will never be used as a farm again, it was necessary to preserve an area for sheltering animals, which is currently being used as a winery, and a hay storing area with a vehicle access platform, used as a terrace and as an extension of the living room onto the courtyar. …..more