Residential complex Cotroceni

Function: Residential complex, Basement+ Ground floor+ 3 levels
Location: 6 Dr. Clunet St., Bucharest
Area of the land: 431 square meters
Built area: 1206 square meters
Year: 2009
The apartment buiding on Dr. Clunet St. had to provide answers for a lot of urban constraints stipulated for this area in general, and for this land in particular. The obligation to build adjoint to the blind wall of a building which is representative for this area posed a problem as important as the attention which was given to the other three facades. These problems were dealt with in a unified manner, taking into account the fact that the secondary fa├žade of the building is a head of perspective for Nanu Muscel St.
The beneficiary wanted to have two apartments on each level and a penthouse on the last floor, with openings on all sides. For this floor, he chose as an exterior trim the oxidized copper sheets.