Aparthotel Argentina Street

Function: Aparthotel, undeground+ground floor+2levels
Location:  22 Argentina, St., Bucharest
Area of the land: 292 m2
Built area: 600 m2
Supporting structure: Pavlu Design and Jirma N Engineering
Installations: Tesael Instalatii
Builders: Boglaur si Corola Eufrat
Year: 2014
For us, the project from Argentina St. is a building which reached its present form with a lot of difficulty. The project was started in 2008, with the beneficiary’s desire to expand the living space only in the existing attic of the house.
Later, this project which was underway was abandoned, and the beneficiary wanted to add more levels and change its function to an aparthotel.
Until 2013, alongside with the approved solution which was not put into practice yet, we tried to approach this project in a different way, which we gave up later.
At the beginning of 2014 we came back to the approved project and we started it.
Thus, the house underwent works of consolidation and reconstruction for the façade, which had lost a part of its stuccowork in time.
These works were followed by works of expansion and addition of other levels, with a connection staircase situated in the small courtyard facing the street.
Our approach aimed to preserve as much as possible the old house, in terms of volume, through the restoration of the lost elements on the façade, and to express more clearly the contrast between the existing parts which were preserved and restored and the new elements which complete this volume.
These additional interventions are evident, contrasting and subordinated to the volume, which was the foundation of this approach.
The result of this expansion were four apartments. The ground floor mainly preserves the interior division, but the access to this level was changed through the new staircase.
On the first floor there are two apartments and there is one apartment on the last floor.