Monument building, 30 Hristo Botev St.

Project: Facades restauration
Year: 2007
The building on Ave. Hristo Botev is considered a historical monument, according to LMI/2004: no. 483, code B-II-m-B-18206.
This building was designed by architect Ion D. Berindey and built in 1933.
The work done in 2007 involved the renovation of the facades and their decorations such as they were executed in the first place. During the renovation, all the plastering on the facades was removed completely and they were revovated using the same recipe for the plastering.
Thus, for the façade, we used a compo of cement and whitewash with an addition of stone flour. The stucco base was repaired in the areas with cracks and swellings which risked to come off.
The edges were renovated entirely using stucco plastering, cement with an addition of stone flour smoothly applied. The cracks in the brick walls, which became visible after uncovering the façade, were filled by injecting grout.