Residence for one family, Balotesti

Function: Residence, Basement+Ground floor+1 level
Location: Balotesti, Ilfov County
Area of the land: 1300 square meters
Built area: 670 square meters
Year: 2010
The project of this very elongated rectangular-shaped land was to suggest two separate buildings. A main one, closer to the lake, and a secondary one, closer to the street. We thus managed to set up three courtyards, approached differently, both from a functional point of view and from the privacy one. The courtyard between the two buildings has a very homey air, with a medium degree of privacy. The second courtyard has a view onto the lake and it is set up for sport activities, the third one is the private courtyard of the bedroom of the apartment with a street view.
Because of the very narrow and long strip of land, we considered it best to approach the construction by alternating courtyards and buildings.
Thus, for the main buiding, the width was relatively small (7 m) and the length East-West  was great.
Given all these facts, the approach for the main space included a key element which generated the concept for it. More precisely, the absence of natural light on the southern side was an issue which had to be solved. Thus, we included into the space of the house an uncovered interior court and a perforated wall on the southern side, which provide the illumination of the entire central area.
The main building includes the living room on the ground floor and three bedrooms on the first floor. Its basement shelters technical spaces and the garage which can also harbor boats.
The second building includes a small apartment and the garage for two cars.