Residence for one family, Meditatiei Street

Function: Residence for one family, Basement+ Ground floor+ 2 levels
Location: 6 Meditatiei St., Bucharest
Area of the land: 500 square meters
Built area: 280 square meters
Year: 2009
On the land on Meditatiei St. the beneficiary desired a house for one family, with technical spaces in the basement, the living room on the ground floor, the bedrooms on the first floor, and the hobby room and the terrace on the last floor. The living room is expanding into a terreace on the same level. The urban regulations stipulated for this land imposed joining the building to two blind walls and a retraction of 3m in both directions. Togther with the three other adjacent lots of land, they must form a shared space with access to natural light.  In this way, the volume was influenced by all these aspects, the result being a functionally well-balanced house, with lots of light and in a close relationship with the external spaces. One of the key elements of the house is the interior court, which makes the interior area of the ground floor attractive and makes the most of the dining area and living room through the use of natural light.