Guesthouse, Caraorman

Function: Guesthouse, Ground floor+Upper Storey
Location: Caraorman, Tulcea
Built area: 254 square meters
Year: 2009
The land under study is situated in the Danube Delta, on the Caraorman Channel, between the Caraorman sandbank and the Lake Puiulet. Presently, on this land there are four more buildings, two of which in a state of severe deterioration and suggested for demolishing. The guesthouse is to be built on the location of one of them.
The study done before the project started from taking over elements and materials specific to the Delta houses, the understading of their relationship with the land and the cardinal points and also their volumetric expression. The solution was to split the house into two identical spaces, square in  plan view, joint together by a third space dedicated to circulation. All these are covered with thatch, which is specific for the Danube Delta area.
The interior spaces face the South, towards and respectively alongside the Caraorman Channnel, taking full advantage of the view offered by this place.