Restauration of building on Haga Street

Function: Office building, underground+ground floor+1 floor+attic
Location: 12 Haga St., Bucharest
Area of the land: 259 m2
Built area:  639.7 m2
Year: 2012
The building is located at the intersection of streets Haga and Roma, in the protected area no.49 (Bonaparte-Mora allotment). Due to the importance of the protected area and of the building (corner residence), we desired to keep the exterior of the house unchanged and to intervene as little as possible. Still, following the technical expertise and the architectural solution suggested, the house underwent complete consolidation work, interior t-up work, reconfiguration and even complete restoration of the roof which was made of gluelam and wooden frames. The initial form was preserved and the use of this new type of structure for the roof made the attic space usable.
The transformation of the house into an office building required interior modifications necessary for the new function. Even the external space was changed, lowering the level of the courtyard from the height of the sidewalk to the level of the underground floor. Thus, we created two English courtyards, used from the underground level.
Special attention was granted to the entrance area from the ground floor, which came back to its initial form. It had been modified during the 60s, turning a generous entrance into two narraow entrance ways, with the aim of dividing the building into two separate apartments. Another importantant modification was done to the attic, where, after restoring the roof framing, it was possible to create an interior court which lights up and serves the interior areas.